chrisketchell-art.com showcases the work of Animation Director, Designer and Artist Chris Ketchell. 

Following an Illustration degree from Manchester and an MA in Animation from The Royal College of Art, I embarked on a successful career in the Animation industry. From the humble beginnings as an animator on Bob The Builder, to directing and designing large scale animated broadcast campaigns, I have  worked regularly with major advertising agencies and continue to challenge myself in this field today.

Alongside my commercial output, I've developed a body of personal work with an emphasis on a more craft based approach to work. The results of which can be found in this store today.

Often influenced by my own animated films, I draws inspiration from the music, film and tv of the 60's. I use vibrant colours and strong geometric shapes to forge a distinct and unique visual style, and attention to detail and a total obsession with quality of finish are key to my make up as an artist.

Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Page should you have any queries or wish to discuss a bespoke project.

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